Basler Personenschifffahrt, Basel, Switzerland |  


The ship MS Christoph Merian is a 65.5m long passenger ship that traffics on the river Rhein in Basel between Germany and France. We were asked to perform a study and develop a concept to bring the usage and design, of the at the time 22 year old ship, up to date.

The flow within the ship needed new solutions to meet the todays accessibility standards, the staff requested smoother working processes, the ship host wanted a design, that could work for a transforming multiple use, and the guests were looking for a bit more "ship-feeling". 

To provide with a natural base for the different kind of clients renting the ship, we chose to turn the general walls and ceilings white using durable coatings, and paint. The ceilings were also equipped with acoustic elements. We designed a lamp that could provide with a RGB-color, which made an instant transformation of the ambience of the whole ship. 
Since the bars represent the culinary aspect of the ship, we chose to provide them with materials reminding of an old italian expresso bar, being inspired by a cup of cappuccino. The over deck got a color of the river Rhein as a background, and the lower deck got its colors from the captains suit, having gold and marine blue as a base. We developed illustrations from the harbor landscapes of Rhein for the stair cases to add a personal look. To bring in more ship feeling, we put in oak wood on places that one could touch, such as hand railings and window sills.
A new accessible toilet was needed, so we put in effort to design a new room which would have all facilities needed, and even more with standing support next to the mirror and a permanent changing table/medical table, without looking like it was made for someone disabled. With the new wall, covering a part of the entrance to the toilets on lower deck, we took the opportunity, to design a multifunctional bar/wardrobe, and also adding a storage space in the back. 

Floors were chosen to be durable, but yet look like they would belong on a ship. The ship also required new furnitures for the passengers, and were chosen to meet a list of criteria and to last for a long time.