Götti+Niederer Lucerne, Switzerland | goetti-niederer.ch


​1ST FLOOR is a pop-up store for eyewear in Lucerne, designed to attract a younger range of customers. To preserve the antique interior of the shop, a concept of module elements were developed, they have a complete different look in color and material. All elements are not fix installed that it's possible to arrange it in a other way in a short time. From time to time the pop-up store will comes in a completely new look with a different topic and different brands and products. The interior is a playground for young and fashionable brands around the world.

The modules were developed to be stages for the eyewear, and were combined with raw materials and fine details, such as brushed laser cut brass nets, or leather grips, all manufactured with the help of Swiss craftsmen.

"ON STAGE" is a playground for music, vinyl an pop culture. In the middle of the room is a small stage always ready for a local band or a DJ to rock the store. It's not only a eyewear store, but also a record store and concert room.